Monday, December 14, 2015

Vintage Typewriter and a Mini Book

Hello everyone!

I'm so very exited about finishing this project! Now I have a vintage typewriter, made completely from scratch using Kathy Orta's tutorial.

I wanted to make this for so long, and the tutorial which I purchased, has been waiting for a couple of months. The typewriter took me 3 evenings to put together and today I'm sharing with you the result.

I used a lot of metal embellishments on the typewriter. Luckily I had the needed amount (42) of mini spools to create the type keys. The bobby pins which I was able to find in the local store happened to be too short (about 2" long), while it would look much better if they were 3". 

Kathy suggests to make separators in the drawer for some calendar pockets, but I decided to create a vintage looking book instead. Used some 'Paper Artsy' stamps on the cover.

Here's a close up of the keys:

And here are some more pics of the book. I used Laura Denison's 'stack the deck' binding technique for the very first time!! Can you believe that? I needed the gaps of 1/8"between the pocket pages of the book, so hidden hinge (in my opinion) was not very good for that.

It measures 7" X 4" X 3/4" and has 6 pocket pages with a tag in each one of them.

Still didn't stamp anything on the tags:

That's all. Here is the link to the video presentation of the typewriter:

And here are the links to the metal embellishments which I used:

Thanks for watching.



  1. אלכסנדרה, העבודה שלך מדהימה, עשויה בקפיצה ומדוייקת. תענוג לראות!!!

  2. Amazing!!!! I'm lost for words here!
    Everything looks perfect!
    Hugs, t.

  3. WOW Alexandra I'm with my mouth open .... I can´t close........WOW....Stuning... My dad (
    scrap dealer.....dyogenes.....) has one of those vintage real typewriter in his storage room but he told me that I have to wait if I want it for I can made my own one?????? ;) Hugs from The Basque Country.

  4. Oh. My. Gosh. This the coolest thing I have ever seen anyony make!! I love everything about it, and that book!! Holy cow! Well done!

  5. Me encanta....todo lo que haces es precioso. Gracias. Bsos

  6. Great job on this project. It is totally awesome n inspiring. Love the papers used and that mini book inside is just the final surprise to this project. Love it. Thanks for sharing this labor of love.

  7. Love your version of Kathy's typewriter-it looks just like a real typewriter. I would purchase the tutorial it I could make one just like yours-amazing.

  8. Alexandra , This is magical .. Loved it :) Its so real !!! The Mini Album was the icing ... I really Enjoy reading your blogs and watching your videos's .

  9. wooooooo hard work is so beutifull is very vintage im really like it :D

  10. Totally awesome project, colour me impressed! :) xx

  11. This is absolutely gorgeous and the book just tops it off - the typewriter looks so realistic! Fantastic job you should be really proud of yourself.

  12. This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen! Thank you for sharing this!


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