Saturday, December 5, 2015

Mini Pocket Envelope Book Tutorial

Hello everyone!

***The post is picture heavy***

Today I wanted to share a Mini Pocket Envelope Book. It's really small (watch the video at the bottom of this post to get a notion about the size).

It has 4 envelopes inside which can hold tags, tickets or even Instax Pictures (the size is perfect for those). It's only 0.5" in thickness and reminds of a little wallet.

Here is one more, a bit chunkier than the first mini book, it's 7/8" thick and has 6 envelopes which were made from black card stock :

So.... The tutorial for creating the Mini Book may be found on my You Tube:

I hope you'll enjoy and thanks for your visit.

*** And here's a link to the post which inspired me.



  1. absolutely LOVE your mini book - sigh - wish you had taught a class at the Retreat - would have loved to meet you and also enjoy all your outstanding projects!!!!

  2. מהמם, מהמם, מהמם!!!
    לא יכולה לראות כאן את הסרטון, אבל צילומים מעלפים

  3. Love your tutorial. Do you ever include a list of materials in your tutorials? I know you show them on the video but when I try to go back and see what it was, I have to try and remember where in the video you showed it. Just a suggestion 👍🏻

  4. I have made one of Rhode. Love IT. Hugs from Mia in Swden

  5. Great project, amazing what you managed to fit into such a small album! :) xx


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