Sunday, January 4, 2015

Post-It Notes Fridge Holder - Tutorial

Hello guys!
Several of you liked my post-it notes holder, so I decided to make a tutorial about how to put together one of your own.

For my second holder I used an image from the C.C.Designs latest release - "Cupid".

The tutorial is long ONLY because it's very detailed :)

What you’ll need:
12” X 12” cardstock (X1)
Score Board
Paper Trimmer

* Score-tape (Optional)

Step 1
From the 12” X 12” cardstock  cut 2 pieces:
5 1/4" X 12”
4 1/4” X 6 7/8”
Using your score board, make the scores on the 5 1/4" X 12” along the longer side at the following marks:
2 1/4"
2 3/4"
9 3/4"
Along the shorter side score at the following marks:
4 3/8”
4 7/8”
Take the smaller piece of cardstock (4 1/4” X 6 7/8”) and on the shorter side make the score lines at the following marks:
3 7/8”
This is all the scoring you will need to make so far.
Step 2
Let’s make some measuring and cutting according to the pictures below.

Place the cardstock piece as shown (two score lines should be at the bottom), and measure 1.5” from the top second line, Make the marks on both sides:
Cut the small flaps on both sides. Snip the corners just a little bit.

Cut off  3/8” on both sides as shown:
Make the angled cuts on both sides up to the marks we’ve made earlier:
 Cut off 0.5 on both sides, to get the following result:
To make a shaped flap, make two marks at the distance of 1 5/8” from the first bottom score line down, on both sides of the cardstock piece:
Cut the paper from the sides up to the marks:
If you want the front flap to be of a rectangular shape, leave it as it is. If you want to oval it a little, use any stencil and round the corners as follows:
Don’t forget to erase the pencil line:
 This is what we’ve got so far:
Take the 4 1/4” X 6 7/8” piece of cardstock. Make the marks and cut as follows:

Use a score-tape or a glue, to glue the two pieces of cardstock together as shown:
If you intend to make any stamping of your logo on the back, do it now.
From the left-over strips of paper, make a pen holder, glue it on the side:
Measure and cut the designer paper:
Follow the pictures to glue our construction together:

Now glue the magnets to the back side of the post-it notes holder. I use tiny magnets which I bought at E-bay and Glossy Accents. 4 magnets – one for each of the corners:
And we’re done! What is left is only to embellish it up:
And once again my finished result:

The flowers are from I Am Roses:
Mixed Purple & Pink Lily Paper Flowers
Mixed Brown Pink Paper Roses
Mixed Brown Color Cherry Blossoms
Small Purple Turquoise Paper Flowers
Mini White Paper Flowers

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  1. This is so Sweet!!!. The Designpaper is matching so Well!!!... Looks like it was made for this!!.. Beautiful Sewing!! Great tutorial.. and Beautiful Result.. Perfect for the kitchen, or the office!!..
    I have received the Candy!!! WOW!!! Even MORE Amazed when seeing it in real!! I thought it was something I had ordered on Ebay!!.. And when I opened I realized!!.. That was fast!!.. all around the World!!.. Soooo Looking Forward to get time to use it!!.. Was supposed to get a Card done during the weekend.. But no... Not Finished!!.. I have saved the package from you on top of my Desk.. And Have looked at it for several times!!.. Thank you so much!!! It has made me smile Several times already!!... Have A Great Day!!

  2. Another gorgeous make, and thank you SO much for the tutorial hon, I am so wanting to make one of these for my Mum :) xx

  3. Hi Alexandra,
    Love this fridge post-it-note holder, just what I need to make as gifts. I wanted to make more functional projects this year so to make things in good use, lol. Thanks so much for the detailed tutorial!
    Hugs, Katie

  4. Bravo pour cette jolie creation et merci pour le tuto ...

  5. Bravo pour cette jolie creation et merci pour le tuto ...

  6. Bravo pour cette jolie creation et merci pour le tuto ...


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