Saturday, March 11, 2023

Junk Journaling Station - Butterfly Beauty


I am beyond excited today, to finally let you know about the launch of a very cool project that I have been working on for Vectoria Designs.

There are so many crafters who like nature and create nature themed journals or ephemera! Vectoria Design has numerous nature/botanical themed paper collection already, but what is special about the project that we are going to start working on today, is that it will unite 4 themes in it, once complete.

The first theme is 𐀔 Butterflies 𐀔.

The digital papers (they are SO beautiful, aren't they!?), are available for purchase below :

Temporary offer with DELUXE kits at a discount/launch price (valid until Mar 17, 2023) is HERE.  

Here is the so called "journaling station" and we are going to put all 4 future journals in it.

The "station" will have 2 drawers that you can fill with smaller things/ephemera/stationery:

A journal number 1 is ready and on its place inside the station's compartment:

There is an astonishing amount of butterflies on the journal's pages and all of them are beautiful! Hence the name of the collection - Butterfly Beauty :)

Here are some more details of the cover:

And the spine:

Next, come numerous photos of the inside pages, as well as flaps and pockets on the inside of the front and back covers of the journal (click each picture to enlarge):














If you'd like to join me, please watch the video tutorials.

Everything is created from scratch and I hope the explanation of the process is clear enough for anyone who wants to try his/her hand at the project of this kind.

Here are the links to the first set of video tutorials (Butterfly Beauty Collection):
Project Overview -

Part 1 - Butterfly Beauty - Constructing The 'Station' -

Part 2 - Butterfly Beauty - Constructing The Drawers -

Part 3 - Butterfly Beauty - Creating The Journal -

Here is the chipboard cutting guide for you to use:


(1 pc) 12” X 9 1/4" – back panel
(2 pc) 7” X 9 1/4" – right and left walls
(2 pc) 7” X 11 7/8” – top and bottom

(2 pc) 7” X 9 1/8” – vertical inside panels
(3 pc) 7” X 8 3/4" – horizontal inside panels

(4 pc) 8.5 X 2 1/8” – long sides
(4 pc) 6 7/8” X 2 1/8” – short sides
(2 pc) 8.5” X 6 3/4" – bottom
(2 pc) 8 3/4" X 2 1/4" – drawer front panel

I hope you have a great time putting this project together, learn something new and have an enjoyable time in general :)

Talk to you soon!


Thank you for the kind comments!