Monday, August 22, 2022

Bird themed ephemera with the supplies from 'Your Creative Studio'

Hello everybody!

Time is running so fast!! The summer is almost over, the kids are back to school and I cannot believe how many things I planned to finish and didn't get to some of them, even though I tried.

During the morning hours, after I send the kids off to school,  I can sneak an hour or two to craft, before I get down to other daily errands, which makes me super happy. 

Today I would like to craft along together with you, and create journal ephemera with the supplies from the "Your Creative Studio" bird themed box.

You can either get a monthly subscription or purchase the boxes whenever you want. The details may be found on the "Your Creative Studio" site.

Let me show you what I made:

I expalin what I used to make the tags and some other elements, as well as show you in the video ( how to make the clusters. 

I hope you enjoy watching!
Thanks for stopping by and talk to you soon!

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