Monday, June 4, 2018

Cross-Stitching Is My New Passion

Hello there!

If I already found time to sit on the computer, I will use it to the maximum and will share with you something other than paper projects.

On a few of the recent makes you might have already seen the cross-stitched embellishments (1 and 2). Cross stitching has been so fun and unusual for me, that I've decided to keep on going and finished several more pieces that I would like to show you today.

The first is this little elephant and his friend ( the pattern by Svetlana Nemiritzkaya). I've bought a shadow box from IKEA and framed the project. Now it is hanging on the wall in one of my daughters' rooms. 

The second was a little pattern from the Korean brand - Soda Stitch. The whole pattern included more ballerina girls, but I cross stitched only one of them, and made a key chain pillow with it.

I have two more stitched patterns, but haven't used them for anything yet. 
Here is a bunny (again by Svetlana Nemiritzkaya):

And one more from the SODA Stitch, which is called Please Be My Love:

Aren't these adorable!!?? Can't wait to complete more!
What kids of crafts do you do, expect for paper?


  1. They are so sweet! Cross stitch was my first love, I still have all the materials... you are encouraging me to make it again!

    1. Giorgia, thanks! have you posted your cross stitching on the blog? Would love you to attach the links to those posts if yes :)


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