Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Graphic 45 - Planner with Place in Time

So… Planners…. They are so popular nowadays, but also very expensive at times. We, crafters, should be thankful, that having proper supplies and a bit of time (well, maybe more than a bit), we can create a planner of our own, decorate it to our liking and include only the details which we need to have, without any bothering extras.

I am lucky to be a housewife now, so I don’t have excessive plans for months and weeks. I do need to write down the dates of the posts for different design teams, I do need to write down the dates of various school activities of my eldest daughter and from time to time other little things like meetings with friends, family events, doctor appointments etc… 

Having at hand a mixed media album by Graphic 45 makes putting down a planner of your own design real easy. The process of finishing the planner which I want to share with you today took me a while though, because I wanted to create different layouts for each of the 12 months. Cutting everything out, planning the compositions and gluing all down was a relishing labor J

The planner is structured according to the four seasons of the year. Each season begins with a pocket divider which holds a calendar tag (I will write down the dates later). Then come the dividers for each of the 3 months of the corresponding season, and in between you can find plain sheets of copy paper for the daily notes. Very simple, right?  But this is what I thought would work for me the best.

Once all the inside monthly dividers were finished, I embellished the front cover of my planner and used the leftover cutouts from the “Place in Time” collection. Each one belonged to another month, yet they blended great together.

Have you created a 2017 planner yet? If no – it’s high time to begin, and to use the gorgeous Deluxe “Place in Time” paper by our beloved brand – “Graphic 45”.

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