Monday, November 28, 2016

One More Suitcase

Hello everyone!

While my eldest daughter is in pre-school and the little one is sleeping, I have some time to write up my blog posts and share the projects which I have recently finished.

The suitcase which I want to show you today was made as a  sample for a potential commission. I still don't know if the customer loved it, since I have just mailed him the pictures. Keeping my fingers crossed :)

Without further ado, here it is... The color palette was a customer's choice. I've put some old ATC cards which I had in my stash from the previously created project.

On the inner panels of the suitcase I used the brown faux leather. I wanted to add some stitching to it, but my sewing machine refused to help me in that :)

The next time I create a suitcase, I think I will get back to making paper handles and not the leather ones, because even two layers of leather felt to me quite flimsy, that's why I decided to strengthen them up with the hemp cord by wrapped around the handle.

The inside looks pretty plain:

And here is the back:

The suitcase can be used for storing old traveler's notebook or other memorabilia.

What about the colors? do they look ok together? Will be happy to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. That is amazing :) I love the colours. I had made something so similar just 2 weeks back :)

  2. It's a joy having a look at your work

  3. Вау,вау,вау,Александра!!!!Это шикарная работа!!!великолепный чемодан!!Как все продумано и так реалистично вышло!!

  4. I think it looks fantastic!! Do you have a tutorial for it? I am somewhat addicted to suitcases/briefcases and ,well, ANY type of vessel to hold little treats and surprises. Your customer most likely loves this too! TFS!

  5. Не перестаю восхищаться твоими работами , Александра !!! Чемодан очень крутой, вдохновляет !!! Мне очень нравятся кожаные ручки, и очень хочу сделать такие на своем..только не пойму почему тебе они не понравились...расскажи , если не секрет !!!

  6. I too am wondering if you have a tutorial on u tube or at least measurements printed conning out. I have been getting inspiration on a suitcase project I am putting together from your trunk one.

  7. Absolutely marvellous! Love the colours!


Thank you for the kind comments!