Sunday, January 17, 2016

Purse Mini Album - Tutorial


Now I have 2 purse albums, one bigger and another - a really cute one - smaller. For the smaller version I have a video tutorial available in several parts on my You Tube channel.

You may view the pictures of the larger album in the post here.

In the current post, though, I want to show you the smaller purse (both alone, and in comparison to the larger album).

So, the mini version measures 6 1/4" x 5". The spine is 2 3/4". There are 6 pages inside. I used Ginger's tutorial as a base for creating my pages.

In my video tutorial, I take you through the process of creating the pages, with a little change from those in Ginger's tutorial.

Here's a guide for cutting the card stock and patterned paper, as well as the punch marks for the Envelope Punch Board (EPB).

The pictures below show a bit of inside decor of the album:

You can find a video with the walk-through for the larger album here:

And the tutorial for creating a smaller version of the album here:

Part 1a  

Part 1b

Part 2a       

Part 2b

Part 3 (Final)

Since I got a lot of messages from people, who wanted to know whether I have a tutorial for the larger version, will answer here - No, unfortunately, I don't.

Although I have this only picture that I took while creating the first larger purse album. I hope it will help you to figure out the rest of the measurements:

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  1. Как всегда превосходно!!!!!

  2. Absolutely amazing. Your work is art. I am debating taking on such a project. I hope to build an album as beautiful as yours. I have 3 stacks of this Prima 6x6 in my scrap closet. What is the name of the pink paper you used on the cover?

  3. I need to know how you make your hidden hinge system. I'd love to make the ATC mini album.

  4. Its so amazing .. Loved the Mini Album..

  5. Love your album did you make the handles

  6. Can you tell me where to purchase the handles and I just love your videos

  7. Can you tell me where to purchase the handles and I just love your videos

    1. Hello Valerie, I've purchased the handles in the local craft store but they are no longer available. I couldn't find them anywhere online

  8. I too love your video tutorials!! Maybe I could find some handles at a thrift store or off an old purse??

    1. cant you make your own handles with card stock or other thick pliable paper, doubled up or tyvek strips,i think it would be awesome to make straps like this

    2. Hi Barb! By all means you can make your own handles, using tyvek or heavyweight cardstock, or even leather/faux leather. Whatever you feel goes good with the project or is available in your stash.

  9. Es precioso,muy original.quizas me anime

  10. What collection is this? Prima? What?


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