Saturday, November 21, 2015

Monolith Drawers

Hello everyone!

I've been neglecting my blog lately and that's because I'm still very busy taking care of my kids. The parents among you will definitely understand what I'm talking about - children take all you time and there's nothing you can do with it.... You throw sad glances in the direction of your craft room, but cannot afford going there and creating something for days (or even worse - for weeks).

Anyway, to live up the post feed a bit, I'm sharing my recent project - "Monolith Drawers" (inspired by this project from The Gentleman Crafter).

The base part holds a mini album and the top part has 3 drawers. The smallest one is 1 3/4" X 1 3/4".
The whole constructions is 6.5" X 11" (including the metal feet):

The video presentation follows:

That's all for today. I really appreciate your visit.



  1. Это то просто невероятно !!!

  2. Вы делаете невероятные вещи. Я учусь у Вас. Сейчас заканчиваю альбом еще по одному минику, МК которого Вы даете на ю-тубе. Спасибо за щедрость!

  3. These look amazing Alex! I totally get the lack of time with young children bit, mind you now mine are grown up it really isn't any better since I work full time so possibly less time to craft as when they are small you can sometimes craft alongside them. Mind you saying thhat, if 6 posts in 2 weeks can be called neglecting your blog I must have abandoned mine lol! xx

  4. Since my sons are both grown I thought the days of not being able to create due to kids needing me were over. Then, along came my beautiful 3 year old granddaughter and things have gotten kid crazy again!!! I have had her for almost 3 weeks now and not sure when she will be going home to mommy again. She is a huge help in the craft room but I can't get into the zone when she is there with me because I would forget she was there! LOL We spend many happy hours in my craft room together and I don't regret one minute of my lost craft time!!! She IS my heart!
    This box is awesome!! Do you have a tutorial for it? Is it a premade one? Where can I get the tutorial or the kit for it? Please let me know because I am gaga over boxes and storage pieces and this one tickles my fancy in a big way!!! my email is macaskillbarbara @ yahoo .com Thanks in advance!!

  5. And this is what you do when you don't have time... Amazing work as always. Beautiful!!!

  6. I totally understand. Now that my children are grown, I'm being kept out of the stamp room by other things. At the moment I'm preparing an order of 50 knitted dishcloths that I'll wrap in bundles of five and tie with with ribbon, handmade tag and a jingle bell. Your work of art here is absolutely stunning. TFS, and we will be patient and wait for when you can post. I subscribe so I won't miss a thing.

  7. Woua, what beautiful creation, I am in total AWE.
    We must take advantage of our children, because it is a jewel so precious and fragile

  8. another fabulous project!!!! Thanks for sharing and inspiring us all.

  9. At awe with this creation .. So lovely ..

  10. Beautiful work as always!! I follow you on YouTube and would absolutely LOVE to see a tutorial on this one!! I'm working on one of your other great projects right now!! Thank You so very much for sharing your talents with us all!! Gods Blessings to You and Your family!! 😊

  11. Hello,
    I'm new here, so it may be a stupid question (I apologize in advance should it be the case). Do you share/sell the instructions to be able to make your creations at home?
    Many thanks in advance.

  12. Are you planning on selling the instructions or a kit for this fabulous piece? If so, I am definitely interested in purchasing at least the instructions if you have them. I know creating kits for something of this magnitude has to be very time consuming. I can be contacted at mouserhudson @ The email address is without the spaces after the n and after the @. It would not let me post it correctly in the comments for some reason... Thank you for taking the time to consider my request! Michele

  13. I would certainly purchase a PDF of this if you create one. It's just beautiful and absolutely stunning!

  14. This is soo beautiful 😍😍😍


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