Monday, September 28, 2015

Vintage Style Suitcase - Tutorial - Part 1

Hello dear friends!

01/11/2015 - Update
There's a full kit for making this suitcase and an album available for purchase from 'Photographs and Memories'. Hurry to get your copy of the kit:


The current post is for those of you who follow my blog because of the mini albums, and not for cards :)

I'm happy to update you that the first part of the tutorial for making a vintage style suitcase is up and waiting for you on my You Tube channel.

Here is the link:

Here are some of the measurements you'll need to know in order to create the suitcase of your own:
6.5" x 6.5" (2 pc)
6.5 x 2 1/4" (4 pc)
6 5/8 x 2 1/4" (4 pc)
Card stock structure strips:
6.5 " x 1" (scored at 0.5" on the 1" side) - 8 pc
2 1/4 " x 1" (scored at 0.5" on the 1" side) - 8 pc

12" x 12" card stock for wrapping the 2 parts of the suitcase's base (2 pc)

I've also made 7 straps for embellishing the suitcase's sides and for the handles. Each of them was 12" long and 0.5" wide. I colored the straps with Vintage Photo Distress Stain first, and then covered them with Distress Crackle Paint for achieving a leather-look. You make come up with some way of embellishing.

Here are some of the links to the metal embellishments I've used, which were purchased from Ali Express:
Swing Clasps
Brass Hinges
Corner Covers
Bronze Brads

Thanks for watching.



  1. Thank you so much for your great tutorial and sharing.

  2. I love so much your work.
    I need to know where you bought de rings of the handles and the link foy buying them.
    Thanks and sorry for my english, I'm from spain.

    1. Malena, try looking at E-Bay or AliExpress.
      Here's the example of how they look like:

  3. Tank you so much but E-bay is very dyficult for me. II prefer Aliexpress, can you help me, please?. I would like the link for AliExpress, l can't found it...
    Thanks :).

    1. Malena, I'm attaching the link but please try to do all the searches by your self next time. Thanks for understanding.

  4. Yes of course. Normaly I search but my english is very bad and y don't now his name in english. Sorry. Thank you very much. Greetings from Spain.

  5. This is so pretty, thanks for sharing. Where did you found that lovely paper?

  6. Thank you for being so kind to share the tutorials on how to make your beautiful albums. I look forward to making some of them. Thank you again.

  7. Thank you for a wonderful tutorial. The suitcase is stunning

  8. Thankyou for an awesome tutorial.. Your suitcase and album are stunning


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