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Scrapbooking and Craft Supplies Stores in Hong Kong

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Last week we had been to Honk Kong. My husband went there on a business trip, while me and my daughter joined him for a short journey.

Of course, as a crafter, the first thing I look for in any country I go to, are the places to buy craft supplies from. This post will describe shortly the shops I've been to, and their addresses. Hopefully this will help anyone in future. As a matter of fact, the information I found online prior to our vacation, was not very systematic and scattered all over different blogs of people.

So, the first place I went to was Art Shop Graphic & Art Materials
Address: Upper 1/F, 36-40 Johnston Road
              Wan Chai, Hong Kong
              +852 2554 1689

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It is located on the first upper floor of the Luen Fat Mansion (every building in Hong Kong is called 'mansion' no matter how decayed and time-worn it is :) ). I went there with a stroller! Such a mistake! In general, most of the shops are very small and once a person is already standing in the aisle, you have to ask him move aside, so that you could pass through. 

The shop mostly suggests to its visitors a variety of paints, colored pencils and pastels, canvases, brushes etc. Copics may be purchased there as well (the price is higher though than in Singapore).

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My next stop was Craft Supplies Store. This shop has two branches at the following addresses:
1) Shop C/1, G/F, Sun Hey Mansion
    68-76 Hennessy Road,
    Wan Chai, Hong Kong

2) G/F, 173 Sai Yee Street
     Kadak Building
     Mongkok, Kowloon, Honk Kong

The second one is bigger (it has two floors), but the range of products is pretty much the same - Copics, different charms and finding, a loooot of 3D stickers, a lot of books on crafting, FIMO, supplies for miniature lovers, cardstock, resin embellishments, glues, beads, molds etc. It has a lot to offer to any kind of crafter, as well as scrapbooker.

The next to talk about is Paper Art - I loved this store very much, it has lots of stamps to offer including really cute and unusual ones. They have a lot of stamping pads of different brands, lots of embossing powders, great choice of mulberry paper, handmade flowers, as well as dies, art journals and a lot more.



The next shop I liked is Fliegen.

The shop is situated on the 5th floor of Savoy Mansion in Tsim Sha Tsui neighbourhood, and despite not a very inviting look outside (see the picture below), suggests a wide range of modern fancy scrapbooking supplies:

 The shop is owned by a young guy named Spencer. He's very nice and polite!!

The next shop is less suitable for scrapbookers, but I decided to cover it up too. Maybe someone is looking for different modeling supplies, so this is exactly the place - Ying Ming Model Co. Ltd:

G/F, 177 Sai Yee Street
Kadak Building
Mongkok, Kowloon, Honk Kong

Another great shop with lots of stuff to chose from (including Copics, Marvy markers, lots of coloring paper, chipboard, modeling tools, paints etc.) is a shop which name I don't know, but it is located on the crossroads of Sai Yee Street and Bute Street . These are a few pictured from the store:

If you are on the Sai Yee Stree, an additonal shop providing art supplies is 'Kwong Yick Art And Design Materials'.

The address:
G/F, 169 Sau Yee Street,
Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong,

The only place I saw selling Touch Twin Markers. It has Copics too, different paints, coloring paper and canvases, brushes, pencils etc. 

Let's move to Papyrus.

Harbour City, The Gateway Shopping Mall
3/F, shop 3315,
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Hong Kong

I read the following about this shop online:
[Quote: One of the largest (and poshest) craft stores in Hong Kong, Papyrus is an international franchise that sells everything from boxes to pretty papers, ribbons to custom-printed cards, plus there’s also a slew of holiday decorations. A visit to the store may mean hours rummaging through the aisles, but you’re sure to take home some lovely pieces. G/F, 45 Wellington St., Central, 2869-8788,]

I surfed to the shop locator page and the address was different from what I previously found on the Internet. I called the shop and they said, their only branch was in the Harbour City. Well..... I was disappointed, because, as you can see on the picture below - NO 'hours rummaging through the aisles'. The shop is really small & what it mostly has, are different souvenirs and ready-made printed cards.

I was pleasantly surprised with the stationery department of LOG-ON, it has lots of innovative Japanese products, sketchbooks and calendars, a large selection of washi tape, beautiful stamp sets, and other interesting stuff:

The closing point for my crafty look-ups was the Sham Shui Po Market. We arrived there in the morning on the day of our departure and to my great sorrow didn't have a lot of time to wander there. But, several shops/tents were opened and I managed to buy myself some lace:

Besides lace and fabrics, other things may be purchased on th market's streets. Different findings, beads, paper flowers etc. This place is definitely worth visiting!

We enjoyed our time in Honk Kong, The city is extremely crowded and you can get tired of the noise around you, but the shopping there was simply amazing! You can see from the pictures in this post :)

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