Friday, August 22, 2014

Mini Album with a Fabric Cover

Morning ladies!

I wanted to share today a small mini album with the a fabric cover, which I made with the pictures of my daughter. This is my first time making a 'soft' cover and not using a hidden hinge binding system in a mini album.

What was the reason I decided to try that, you may ask? And the answer is - I really love the works of a talented friend of mine - Olushka (you should visit her blog to have a look at the amazing albums she makes).Every time I see a new album of hers, I'm itchy to give a try and make an album with a fabric cover.

So.... After looking online, I found a really detailed tutorial (in Russian), explaining how to do that.
I already can see what were the mistakes and the next time I'll get down to making another album, I will take those mistakes into account (for example, the hinges for the pages should allow more space for placing the flowers and other chunky embellies; would be nice to make a ribbon closure as well, etc.).

Anyway, here's my result:

More details of the cover:

All of the big flowers on the inside pages are handmade by me:

I didn't use a lot of glue in this album (just small amounts to keep the elements in place before sewing), so nearly everything is stitched and sewn on the pages:

And here's another mini I've recently made, but only the cover is embellished so far:

And that's all for today! 
Thank you so much for stopping by!



  1. прелесть! очень здорово получилось!

  2. This album looks fabulous; a lot of work on it. Great can see some Eva´s pictures!.Hugs.

  3. לגמרי מעלף!!! אוה מתוקה אמיתית ואיזה כייף לה שאימא שלה עושה אלבומים מדהימים!

  4. איזה אלבום מדהים!! כל כך מושקע ומלא פרטים. והבת שלך כל כך מתוקה!


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