Friday, July 18, 2014

First Ever Independently Made Mixed Media Canvas

Hello crafters!

Today I'm here not with another card, but with a mixed media canvas I created completely by my own (and not under the supervision of a friend-crafter, like the previous time here, when Einat was guiding me) :))

I'm so proud of myself! Not because the result is super awesome, not really, but because of the fact that I was not afraid to get messy. Creating a mixed media piece is a very messy process and I hate it :) Creating cards and keeping my workspace clean is something I tend to like more.

Before getting down to business I watched several video tutorials by Gabrielle Pollacco. She's so inspiring!

After finishing any project and taking pictures of it, we often may see things completely differently. On this canvas, for example, I see that maybe it was worth covering the right top corner of the photo with additional elements, so that it will not look abandoned....

Anyway, at the moment I'm finished with it and am eager to share and hear what you think (any comments would be appreciated). I'm learning and I need to be criticized :) Just don't be too harsh!

I also made a conclusion that it's quite hard to make decent shots of mixed media projects. The lighting here is even more important! All the glimmer-misted areas not always look the same on the picture and in the reality.

I don't have much time for crafting now because of that little princess on the picture, so it took me two days to get this canvas done. It was fun though!

That's all I wanted to show. It would be really great to hear what you think.
I appreciate your opinion!

Have a productive and creative weekend!


  1. עבודה נפלאה, צבעים רכים ויפים והתמונה של התינוקת המתוקה שלך.

  2. Sorry for late visiting your blog, just got back from our vacation.
    This is simply gorgeous Alexandra. Your first canvas is just as beautiful as all of your cards; every detail shows exceptional workmanship. Hope you will do more mix media arts in the future. I am sure with your talent, you can do anything with ease.
    I must say, your daughter is so sweet, her smile is just irresistible.
    Have a lovely day. Hugs, Katie

  3. They look fantastic; your LO (incredible , really is your first! )......and more fantastic your little princes.


Thank you for the kind comments!