Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Craft Room

Hello guys!

For a long time several friends of mine have been asking to post the pictures of my craft room, so finally I'm satisfying this request :)

I wasn't able to make a good panoramic shot of the room. Each time I tried, several parts of the picture turned out blurred or kind of double, so here are some regular pics of how my room looks in general (starting from it's right side):

As you can see I have several tables (really simple ones from IKEA), and each table represents a working station - a sewing and die-cutting station, the main working station and a computer one.

On the sewing station I have this stand (which was genuinely purposed for nail lacquers storage) for all the liquid pearls, distress stickles, distress stains, embossing powders etc.

Everything I want from here is easy to access and see:

I have several additional embossing powders on my FIMO shelves (I really hope I'll get to FIMO again sometime, I still have a lot of clay to use):

These IKEA bookshelves are a place where I keep papers for cards, my flowers (mostly from IAmRoses), boxes with beads and some other stuff:

In this Copic carrying case I store my markers. It's quite heavy, so it's always on my table:

This (again) is my main working table. I like to work on this ceramic tile (it's from the times I was making things from polymer clay), it's easy to clean and nearly impossible to scratch. I always try to have different kinds of scissors and glues withing an easy reach of my hand:

On one of the open shelves of another bookcase I keep all my Tim Holtz and Sizzix dies:

The rest of the dies are in this photo album:

It is so so HEAVY, with all the metal dies inside! :) Here are several pages from the album  for you to understand how it looks like:

Actually I learned to store dies this way from my lovely friends in Israel - Olushka & Tanya.  Thank you, girls, for an idea!

Under two (of the three) tables I have drawer units from IKEA and they are great for storing so many different things! I'm just in love with them! These I saw for the first time at my another Israeli friend - Efrat - and I said to myself that I had to have these :)

Several drawers are for my punches:

One for the inks:

Another one for crop-a-dile and corner chompers:

And all the rest for different small things:

I store my clear stamps in this office ring binder. I've added into it acetate sheets and attached the stamps to them:

Wood-mounted and rubber stamps I store in thick and thin Stuftainers, which are absolutely great!

Tim Holtz distress inks are something I use quite a lot, so I don't even want them to be in a drawer. I found a better way (at least for me) to store them. I bought two wooden boxes and put all Distress inks there. Each time I need them, it's easy to take them out of the shelf:

That's it! I hope you enjoyed reading this post :) I rest my case here :)

Have a nice day/evening, you, crafters!


  1. OMG Alexandra, This is fantastic, sooo organised and so clean and tidy, my god I wouldn't dare show my crafty space. The last time my husband went near with the vacuum thinking he was doing something nice, I lost an earring and most of my pearls.
    Note to self, must get organised. You wouldn't like to come and stay for a few days would you?
    Hugs Sue W.

  2. Oh, Alex, your crafty place is so beautiful and well organized! It adds to the pleasure of crafting, and I'm sure of it:-)

  3. I just turn from the emergency room! The Doctors ask what's happend? I told them I sew Alexandra's post!!

  4. OMG Alex what an amazing craft room - to take a walk in there would be like walking in wonderland...lol....fantastic :)
    Pialine xxx

    1. Thanks, Pialine! I'm sure your craft space looks fantastic too :)

  5. Oh wow! Brill pics and stunning crafty space xx

  6. Gosh Alexandra, your room is fabulous. So clean looking and my that is one tidy craft room. Is it as tidy after you have had a crafty session. So many gorgeous crafty goodies.
    Hugs Sharon x

    1. I really try to keep my space clean and organized all the time, though sometimes it's really hard to persuade myself clean everything up :)

  7. כל כל יפה ומאורגן. וכל כך הרבה פאנצים :-) בבקשה תקנו בית לידי שאתם חוזרים לארץ :-)

  8. that's a craft room!!!! mine is 10% of what you have:)))))))) I LOVE IT!

  9. Alexandra, this is more like a craft store!!! And it is super organized, I love it. Hopefully one day I will have a craft room like yours.

  10. רגע אני הולכת להתעלף וכבר אחזור!


  11. wow, Alexandra, I LOVE your craft room and it's really amazing and all is well organized ! I do hope if I have chance to visit you someday when I go to Singapore ! ( I live in Malaysia :-)) Your cards are really beautiful and gorgeous ! You are so talented !


  12. I really like the office binder you use for your clear stamps. Can you tell me where you purchased it? Thank you!

  13. Hi, can you tell me where you got the wooden boxes? Thanks www.chrissandlou.blogspot.com

    1. Hello Chriss! Sorry for a late answer, but I have to disappoint you. I bought these two wooden drawers completely by accident in a local craftstore, and there's nothing written on them.... :((

  14. Oh wow this place is like a dream! :)

  15. wow...that is some awsome craft room you have and everything is so neat and in place...not like mine at all ..lol :)

  16. Wow! Just class! What beauty and everything is very compact!

  17. Love your craft room. You must have spent a fortune to build up this collection. Since how long have you been into crafting & adding up to your craft supplies? Just being curious. I hope you won't mind answering. :)


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