Thursday, May 16, 2013

How to make a 6" X 3.5" Box

Hello again!
I felt like making another box, and while assembling it I took some pictures. In case anyone would like to make her own box, she could use these instructions. The ready box measurements are 6" X 3.5" X 1.5".

Start with a 12” X 12” sheet of card-stock and score it on one side as follows:
1.5” – 3” –  9” – 10.5”

Turn the page clockwise and score on the other side as follows:
1.5” - 3” – 6.5” – 8” – 11.5”

Turn the page counterclockwise and score up to the 4” score line as follows:
2” – 2.5” – 9.5” – 10”

Cut a strip of card-stock measuring 1” X 6”

Score it in the middle (at 0.5”)

Go back to the sheet of 12” X 12” card-stock and cut the following areas:

Make additional cuts in order to fold the flaps as follows:

Take a strip of 6” X 1” paper you prepared earlier, trim it just an 1/8” on the longer side, and attach to the 0.5” flap of the box base. Glue it down a bit lower than the score line like this:

Prepare several pieces of firm paper (I've cut a regular cereal box) for the reinforcement of the box’s sides, top and bottom:

Cut additional pieces of card-stock with the following measurements:
6” X 3.5”
6” X 3 ¾”
6 X 1.5”

Glue down the reinforcement pieces in the following places:

Now let’s start assembling the box.
Apply the glue on the 0.5” flap and glue it down:

Apply the glue on the tiny side flap & on the 3.5” inner flap as follows:

Fold the tiny flap first and then cover it with the panel. The result should look like this:

Now apply glue to the following areas on the other edge of the box:

Fold the flaps in and then cover them with the panel. Press down to glue well.

Turn the box to the second side and apply glue on the second pair of flaps as follows:

Glue them down to the box’s base. You may need to lay the box down for your convenience:

Check that the glue reached the edges and the box is not falling apart in the corners:

Finally glue the remaining two flap panels:

Your box should look like this now:

Prepare another sheet of white card-stock with the following measurements 5 7/8” X 1.5”. Score it down the long side at the 0.5” – ¾” – 1”:

Attach two strips of a score tape (I used 0.5” score tape) next to the edges on both of the long sides of the strip:

While you keep the box’s lid nearly open, glue the strip of paper from one side and then from the other.

Due to the additional scoring lines and to the fact there there’s no score tape in the middle, the box should close without a problem. Maybe you’ll have to help it close only for the first time. Just work on the folds and press with your fingers where it may be necessary.

Take the piece of paper 6” X 3.5” (the one you've prepared earlier), trim from both of the sides just a 1/8” and glue it down to the inside bottom of the box.

Take another strip from the ones you've prepared (measuring 6” X 1.5”), trim a 1/8” on the 6” side and glue it down to the side of the box’s base (inside of it).

Take the remaining 6” X 3 ¾” piece, trim it as shown at the following picture and glue in inside the box's lid, starting from it’s outer edge (and not where the flap will be).

That’s it! Your box is ready to be embellished!

Tomorrow I'll show you what I ended up with and how this box will look like with patterned paper, stamped image and other embellishments.

Have a nice evening and 'bye' till tomorrow :)

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