Friday, April 12, 2013

WorkShop @ Junior De Artist

Hello everybody!

Today I want to tell you about a wonderful art shop I've came across - "Junior De Artist". As you may know, I'm in the search for scrapbooking and art stores here, in Singapore, I've already been to several of them, and I think from the moment I've stepped into "Junior De Artist", it will be my favorite. You will surely ask "why"? I'll explain to you with a great pleasure, and even show :)

As far as know, the store was opened in 2000 and back in that days they were selling mostly punches. The boss's name is Freddy Yip, and every moment you drop by he will be around, rearranging things in the shop, teaching those who came to workshops, helping with a piece of advice here and there. Definitely, a very nice and kind man! Though the years, the range of the products in the store grew, and today it's well stocked with Hero Art, Penny Black, Stampendous, Magnolia and many other stamp brands, as well as QuickKutz dies, different cutting machines, Zutter products and every kind of cardstock imaginable.

Here are some pics of what they have and how the store looks inside:

Isn't that impressive?! 

Two days ago I went back to the store for one of their Work Shops. Agnes Tan showed us how to make 2 tier drawers easel box. This is what I made in the end of the lesson:

That will be it for now :) Hope you enjoyed this post, come back soon!


  1. Oh my God...this is more than I often see on Craft Fairs here in Austria!!!!! And I have never seen Magnolias with coloring images in front....interesting!

  2. Replies
    1. Фото это еще что! :) находиться рядом вообще нереально тяжело :) позвонила мужу, сказал,а, что мне, наверное, придется потратиться....

  3. חנןת מהממת עם מבחר ענק, איזה כייף לך , אני רואה גם שהסדנה היתה בהחלט שווה.

  4. אין לתאר... נראה חנות מקסימה. כיף חיים. ואצלך תמיד התוצרים מקסימים. תמשיכי לעשות חיים ולשתף.

  5. חנות או לא חנות...תקשיבי ... העבודות שלך מדהימות!!

  6. I used to love this shop for the variety of products, but didnt like the $150 charge to become a member.
    Do they still charge it?
    On the same floor there is The Art Republic scrapbooking shop. Amazing classes over there too!
    Anyway I loved your card/box.
    Have a nice night.


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