Saturday, November 17, 2012

I'm not Afraid.....

Today for the first time in my life, and for the first time at all, the sirens were heard in Gush Dan area and just in the middle of writing this post and adding pictures, I had to run to a shelter. I thank God, that my husband is back from his trip and we can support each other on these absolutely not easy days here in Israel.

Nevertheless, we have to be strong and try to go on living as usual. Several days ago I made a card, but didn't find a spare minute to write a post about it.

I really tried to color the stamped image (by Rachelle Anne Miller, "Picking Flowers") in gentle colors and here is the outcome:

I made by myself this dragonfly embellishment from plastic, and colored it with acrylic dabbers and in my opinion it looks cute and very becoming in this card. 

I don't have a tag die, so I cut these two by myself according to a stencil which I prepared first. 

This is how the card looks inside:

I also bought a stamp (from "Office Depot"), which has my e-mail and a blog address in it. Actually, it's very convenient and you can order any stamp in different sizes and forms, and have anything you want written in it. They prepare the stamp during 5 minutes and you may start using it within 2-3 hours (this time is needed for the ink to get to all the letters of the stamp).  

I really hope the night will be calm and we won't need to run to the shelter. On this "lyric moment" I'm saying to you "thank you" for visiting my blog.


  1. כרגיל, כרטיס יפיפה. מאחלת לך ולכולנו ימים שקטים יותר.

    אם את צריכה לברוח מהמרכז, את מוזמנת אלי לקיבוץ (ליד נתניה - כרגע נראה לי שהאזור הכי בטוח בארץ...)

  2. this is so sweet :)
    and I like the blog without dots :)


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