Friday, October 26, 2012

Another Birthday Card - For My Dear Sister

Hello friends!

In today's card I finally got a chance to use flowers which I didn't make by myslef, but ordered from Thailand via internet site I got the advice from my friend Tanya, and for this she deserves a big THANK YOU :)
The package with the flowers I ordered arrived yesterday and all of them were amazing!! Every single type was packed separately, with big care and love. I definitely recommend you try them by yourself and make a purchase.

Have  a look at my treasure :)

And now let's go back to a new card I've made. My sister Maria is having a birthday on the 5th of November and this is an opportunity to use one of my new Magnolia Stamps, which I recently bought from SimonSaysStamp.
The stamp I chose is called PRINCESS WELCOME TILDA.

The front of the card:



The inside:

The back:

I haven't presented the card yet, but I hope Maria will like it :)

Thanks for your time and interest in my work!


  1. אכן אוצר אמיתי!!!
    ואני מתה על הכרטיסים שלך (מה כבר חדש)
    מקווה שנוכל גם לדבר ביום ראשון :-))

    1. אם נמצא זמן :) בתקופה האחרונה זה נהיה ממש קשה! :)

  2. כרטיס מקסים!

    זהבית שקד

  3. awesome card!!!!!
    just love it!


Thank you for the kind comments!