Friday, September 28, 2012

Inspiration Party :)

Hello dear readers and visitors!

Today in the morning me & my friend Sveta went to an Inspiration Party which was organized by Inbal Gibor.
First of all, thank you, Inbal, for the initiative! I really hope these meetings will become kind of traditional. Second of all, we met really great people there, each and every one creative in her way. Meetings like these definitely inspire to create, to explore new things, to go out and take part in other inspirational activities.

From the materials at the party I prepared this creative board:

Though it was a bit hot in the Yarkon Park in Tel-Aviv today, it was lots of fun! See you at the next party!

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  1. Саша, привет.
    Случайно нашла твой блог. Красивые работы.
    В среду (3октября) в Кфас Сабе будет "встреча Копиков". Приглашаем присоединится :) Познакомимся, пообщаемся мероприятие закрытое 6-8 человек. если что звони 058-642 2222 или пиши :)


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