Thursday, May 21, 2020

Oval Cartonnage Box with a Cross Stitched Bird

Hi there!

What do you do when you lack inspiration? You just do not craft, right? Me too!
But if you lack inspiration for a while...? In that case I turn my attention to the tutorials by other crafters.

The below box was creating with the help of a tutorial by a crafter from Russia - Nataliya Yurkevich. She has a group in VK, called "BoxBoom". Unfortunately, Nataliya doesn't have an Instagram account, or a blog (at least, I was unable to find those), so if you are interested to have a look at her other projects, you can do that only in VK.

Anyways, below is my oval box, created from scratch, covered all in and outside with cotton fabric. On the lid these is a pattern with a bird, that I cross stitched on 28 ct. MCG Textiles evenweave. It is my first ever time of using evenweave and not aida for stitching. I was worried that I will not mark the fabric correctly, but thankfully it went ok :)

The pattern is a free one by Ekaterina Seregina. You can download it here.  

I knew how to create an oval or a round box, but I was really excited to try and use fabric instead of paper for embellishing the box. 

Still need to decide what to store here :)

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your day!

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