Friday, March 10, 2017

Graphic 45 Nature Sketchbook Earrings

Hello guys!

These are the paper earring which I created a while ago for the Graphic 45 design team. We had an assignment "to create paper jewelery", otherwise I don't think I would have ever thought of creating anything of the kind :)

The technique is very simple and similar to quilling. I cut the paper to 1/4" strips (for each earring I used 10 strips), and started to roll them, slowly creating a flat circle about 1/4' in diameter, gluing each strip's end to the end of the upcoming strip. Once done, I used a pencil in order to pull the central section of the circle out and to create a cone shape. Then I added a few metal findings and the loops, and also cut out tiny butterflies and flowers from the "Nature Sketchbook" to finish off my earrings.

Honestly speaking, before creating the earring I've tried a couple of other things, but not all of them turned out nicely. There was a necklace with the rectangle bezels, inside of which I placed little pieces of G45 paper and then filled the settings with epoxy resin. I did not share this project on the official Graphic 45 blog, because the use of paper there was very minimal, but I will show you what I am talking about here:

The third item that you see on the picture, is a key chain, which was created with the scraps of paper. 

Back to the earring, here are some more pictures:

That's all from me for today. 
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  1. Ну та даешь! Офигенно просто!

  2. I won't even comment how brilliant all this is. sigh ...
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