Friday, July 13, 2012

Polymer Clay Salient Pendant

Seems like this is the last thing which I've done for today. I feel really exhausted. And this hot summer!!! The weather is killing me! Moreover, when you're not just sitting in the chair, but jumping up and down to grab this tool from one drawer and some other tool from the shelf, you get not only wet, but also tired of all these extra moves :)

Altogether, I managed to finish this little project of a salient pendant. I've already done a similar one several weeks ago (I made it following the tutorial by Nikolina Otržan from OrsonsWorld). The previous time was my first time, that's why I decided not to deviate from Nikolina's step-by-step explanations, but this time I made a pendant in a slightly different way, missing or replacing several parts of the tutorial.

This is the result (the pendant measures 4.5 cm in diameter):

Definitely, these pendants are fun to make!!
Thank you Nikolina!

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