Monday, September 17, 2018

A Sea Turtle Pin Cushion and a Sewing Organizer

Hello dear all!

From to time now I like to sew. My today's post will be dedicated to one of the sewing projects. 

As I am fairly new to this field of crafting {and I don't know really how much time and effort I will need to invest in it, in order to be able to say "Yes, I can sew"}, I learn a lot from watching video tutorials on You Tube.

The video tutorial for the project that I want to share with you today, can be found here

Once I saw that cute sea turtle, I got super inspired and sat down to work. It always amazes me how simple things can look like in the video tutorial, and how challenging can actually be completing a project.
I am not showing you the first turtle that I made :) I kinda see my pattern here - only from the second try I am able to get a decent result. 

One more thing that I understood for myself is that taking pictures of the sewn projects is more difficult for me than photographing the paper ones. Will try to work on that too.

From a seemingly simple tutorial you can learn a lot! How to make a stuffed toy, how to sew a zipper, how to do patchwork, how to attach a binding to an oval shape, etc. 

This is how the turtle looks like without the shell:

On the inside of the shell there is a zipper compartment, as well as a place for the scissors and another little pocket for a pack of spare needles. 

The original tutorial only had one pocket for scissors, so this is my little input to the overall project idea.

As the turtle is stuffed with a fiber fill, it can of course be used as a pin cushion.

Loved this project and just had to share it with you! Thank you Lin for your tutorial!


Thank you for the kind comments!