Monday, April 6, 2020

A Paper Trunk - Tutorial for La-La Land Crafts

Hi there!

Today I am stopping by with a simple tutorial for creating a little paper trunk for sweet treats that all of us like to give to friends and kids on Easter.

La-La Land Crafts Products Used in the tutorial:
Hello Life paper pad
Easter Bunny Digital Stamp
Best of Cluck Clear Stamp Set
Suitcase Box Die

Once you prep all the pieces, the trunk is really easy to put together. Let's begin!

Step 1:
Cut a piece of the base card stock in 6.5" X 7.5", score at 2" on all four sides. Then cut out triangular sections as shown below:

Fold the middle flaps and cut 1/4" from the left pair of the remaining flaps, as well as 1/4" from the right pair of the unfolded flaps:

Apply scortape on the flaps as shown below:

Step 2:
Cut another piece of base card stock, measuring 5 1/4" X 4.5".
On the short side of the piece score at 0.5" & 4".
On the long side score at 0.5" > 1 5/8" > 3 1/8" > 4 1/4" > 4 3/4". 

Apply scortape along the 0.5" sections, then cut out little triangles in between the future flaps. Refer to the picture below:

Step 3:
Cut two pieces of card stock measuring 2.5 X 1.5". On each of the pieces, mark 0.5" inwards from the top left and top right corners, as well as 0.5" upwards from the bottom left and right corners. Snip off the triangular sections as shown below:

Step 4:
Connect together all the card stock pieces. The base of our trunk is ready:

Step 5:
Embellish the trunk base with the designer paper of your choice. I am using the "Hello Life" paper set by La-La Land Crafts.
** Mind the direction of the paper as you are gluing the pieces down.

Step 6:
For creating a handle, I used a piece of cardstock measuring 2 7/8" X 1", as well as a piece of the designer paper (layered on top). Designer paper was cut with the help of the 'stitched tab die' from the 'Suitcase Box Die' set:

Attach the handle to the trunk, using metal brads:

Step 7:
Next, I cut out a couple more decorative elements, using La-La Land Crafts dies listed below:
Stitched Nested Circles Die (second smallest)
Suitcase Box Die (corner covers)

Assemble the corner covers and set them aside for now. 

Step 8:
Glue the circles onto one pair of half doilies, then glue them down to the trunk side panels as shown below:

Step 9:
Assemble the trunk. Start from the bottom, and then proceed with assembling the lid.

When assembling the lid, align the flaps along the center trapezium shape. 

The trunk is ready now, but it keeps opening. We will fix that now :)

Step 10:
Cut a piece of cardstock measuring 7.5" X 2.5". Score at 0.5" on the short side and at 2" & 5.5" on the long side. Apply scortape only to the 2" area, snip the corners from both sides  of the 0.5" area as shown:

Glue this support piece inside the trunk:

It's done now! You can add colored images or other embellishments according to your taste. I added a paper tassel to the front of the lid:

And of course, I had to color some of the cute little La-La Land Crafts images for the front of the trunk.

A bunny is a FREE DIGITAL STAMP that can be found here, and the chick is from the clear stamp set called Best of Cluck.

And here is another trunk with a slightly different look. Inside the trunk I put a tiny (ATC size) greeting card with a cute koala bear holding a heart (In My Heart Clear Stamp Set):

Thank you for watching! Be well and happy Easter!


  1. Oh my! When I saw this project, my heart just melted. It is so adorable. Thank you for the detailed so so cute!!!! Can't wait to make it!!!! (on my list of "to do"). Take care, stay well!!!!

  2. Спасибо за МК. Содержательно и всё понятно. Очень красивые сундучки получились!


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