Friday, March 29, 2013

Several impressions & new pics

Hello guys!

No, I still haven't made a new card, instead of this my days go by in unpacking the boxes and arranging things in their new places. I got to know that it's easier to pack up, than to unpack. While packing up you just put everything in the box, sometimes even mix things, that don't belong together (for example, stuff from the kitchen and the living room), and the whole process is so quick! Then, you have to unpack and find  a new place for each item. It's a real disaster!!! :)
I hope it will take me several more days and the suffering will be over!

For now here are some views of Singapore:

Everywhere you look, there are constructions:

Seems like David Elias was here in 1928 :) hhhh

The following 3 pics show a view from a window of our apartment:

Local IKEA :)

Fried rice with tobiko caviar:

A desert with a ball of ice-cream:

Ferrari is not a wonder here in Singapore :) But still, such a gorgeous car, that I couldn't pass by without taking a picture:

Thanks and stay tuned! :)


  1. וואוו. תמונות משגעות!
    הנוף מהדירה מעלף! בטח היה שווה לחכות לה. ותתחדשי על הלוק החדש של הבלוג. הheader
    יפה מאוד. ענת

  2. Фотки с едой выглядят вкусненько.. И вид из окна классный.
    Кстати, мне понравился новый фон блога :)


Thank you for the kind comments!